June 23, 2024


Shannon’s Business and Marketing Consulting

Get consulting from Shannon that will help you increase revenues, develop a high performance team, and avoid costly mistakes! Learn numerous techniques, tips and ideas. To book a complimentary 30 min. Business Strategy Session CLICK HERE

Here are just a few things you can learn:

* How to make a fortune teaching what you love
* 11 essentials every exhibitor should know before any tradeshow
* Event planning and production – Get the results you want
* How to turn ideas into profitable products that sell
* How to build a high performance team
* How to get thousands of dollars in free press
* How to get paid for just “showing up” – 5 secrets to working with event promoters
* The 5 most dangerous pitfalls to avoid with your website
* Win-Win negotiations skills that will save you TONS of MONEY every time
* Learn what the top 2% of all HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL businesses do to be profitable
* It’s WHO you know – 10 steps to creating a Million Dollar Rolodex

Shannon has emerged as a highly-regarded, multi-faceted business executive. Her legendary training and coaching services plus her event planning, marketing, public relations and networking skills have been harnessed by celebrities and every-day Joes alike to build their businesses. Her prowess has made her the go-to expert for luminaries like T Harv Eker (Peak Potentials Training), Stewart Levine (Resolution Works), and Dr. Gary Null (America’s #1 Health Guru).

Known as the owner of an exclusive “Million Dollar Rolodex,” Shannon has successfully attained over $3 Million in F-R-E-E press for herself and her clients. What’s more, she readily shows others how to do the same. She’s co-author of the Amazon #1 best seller “Law of Business Attraction – The Secret of Cooperative Success” with T Harv Eker of The Millionaire Mind.