September 27, 2021

What Do Customers Want from Your Business?


The key to making any business successful is finding ways to connect with your customer base, but that isn’t as easy as it may sound. Building relationships with your customers takes time and effort but it is an important element of running your business that will help you to be much more successful. One of the best things you can do for customer relationships is to figure out what your customers want from you and make it your priority to deliver. If you can make that happen, it will benefit your business in the long run.


First and foremost, your customers are looking for quality. No one wants to have to continue replacing products or getting services redone because they weren’t done well in the first place. This makes creating quality products and providing quality services your top priority as you work to connect with your customers. Listen to customer feedback and if there is anything, they found to be less than high quality, talk to them about how to make it better. As you work to ensure that you always provide the highest quality products and services to your customers, it will help your business to be more secure.


People also want to feel recognized and seen in their interactions with the businesses they frequent. This is where personalization can come in handy and make customer experiences more positive. If you run a brick-and-mortar storefront and you have regulars, make it a point to learn their names and try to remember what they prefer to buy. When you communicate with customers online, make it a point to personalize your interactions and learn about your customers. Rather than sending the exact same content to every customer, make up customer groups and send a few different emails that are personalized based on customer preferences.


The more convenient you can make the purchasing and shopping process at your store, the better it will be. Everyone has busy lives, and they are generally looking for ways to save time and make things easier. One great option is creating a subscription service, you can even incorporate this through making buying your products repeatedly more convenient for customers. With a service like this you can make certain purchases automatic and have them delivered to your customer on a regular basis. You can also offer curbside pickup options so customers can order products online and pick them up in your store without ever having to leave their car.


Simplicity is important to customers and it can work hand in hand with convenience if you do it right. When you are designing your website, make it a point to create something that is easy to use and very simple to navigate. If your website is bogged down or poorly organized, it can make it more difficult for customers to find what they need and get on their way. You want to incorporate this simplicity in every element of your business. For example, seeking customer feedback is important, but if your survey is long and complicated, you may not get responses. With a simplified approach it will be easier for customers to help you find out what they need.

A Good Value

In addition to the quality customers are looking for, they also want to make sure that they are getting a fair price for the things they buy. That means that they are looking for high value items that feel like they are worth the expense. One way to help them achieve this is by offering discounts and sales when appropriate so customers know they are getting a deal. You can also add in discounts if people purchase multiple products at once or set up a subscription. This kind of value can help your customers to feel more comfortable with the things you are offering.


Finally, customers want to know that they can trust the businesses they work with to do the things they say they will do. A big part of this is making sure that you resolve issues when they occur and do your best to make the customer experience as good as possible. If you make any promises or provide warranties, make sure that you actually follow through on them and fix any problems that may occur. As you prove yourself and your business as trustworthy it will help your relationships with your customers to become much stronger.

It is always a challenge to work with customers, but when you know what they want you can make things much easier on yourself. Take time to get to know your customers and strive to give them what they need in every interaction. This effort will pay off in stronger customer relationships and higher levels of customer retention

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How to Run a Social Media Feed for Your Business


There are many online tools you can use to help run, promote, and grow your business. Social media is one tool that can be very beneficial to you. As you build your online presence through social media, it’s important to understand the best ways to run your social media feed.

Use Analytics Tools

One of the many benefits of using online tools is the ability to track them. With social media, you can use analytics to see exactly what is working and how well it is working. You can look at overall engagement and what social media marketing strategies are doing the best. Most analytics tools will help you see the number of clicks, likes, shares, etc. that you receive. By utilizing analytics tools, you can better understand how effective your social media feed is. You can make changes to strategies that aren’t working and continue to strengthen and use the ones that are. There are many social media analytics tools you can explore.

Create a Content Calendar

As with anything else, planning is an essential part of running your social media feed. The best way to plan is with a content calendar. You can use a content calendar to help you stay on top of deadlines and to have a clear idea of what’s coming up. Your content calendar can also be used for brainstorming. If you plan out your content in advance, it can actually help you come up with more creative content than if you made it immediately before posting. Your calendar will also help you to be mindful of your consumers and the context of when you post. Relevant content provides consumers with value and makes it more likely that they will turn to you later for products or services.

Listen to Your Audience

No social media feed can thrive if you ignore what your audience is saying. People look out for businesses that engage with their audience. You should be reading the comments, DMs, and other communications. This can give you an idea of what people think about your feed. If people are making criticisms, make adjustments. If people praise what you’ve done, acknowledge them. Social media is intended to be interactive and fluid. Your audience’s thoughts and opinions should be clear to you and you need to show them you’re listening.

Social media can be a valuable tool for your business. It’s an excellent way to market your business and engage with your audience. You simply need to learn how to best manage your social media feed.

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How to Solidify Your Brand as a Customer Favorite


Just because you get one sale doesn’t mean you’ve gained a loyal customer. How does a business make itself noticed, and even more importantly favored, in a world full of competition? Whether you’re still developing your brand or looking to do a makeover, the following tips can help solidify your brand as the one every customer recommends to a friend!

Become a One-Stop Shop

Oftentimes businesses seek to become specialized in one area in order to ensure quality. While this remains an important tactic, it shouldn’t diminish the other side of things, meaning that you provide a wide range of services or products relating to each other. If you’re trying to start up a donut shop, for instance, it would be remiss to not also sell milk! The truth is that customers care a lot about convenience—so making your business a one-stop shop for anything they might require further cements your brand as one they can trust to take care of their needs.

Loyalty Programs

A tried and true method of gaining customer loyalty is a loyalty program—essentially, giving them opportunities to rack up rewards points and receive discounts and free items because of their loyalty. This system encourages what could be a one-time customer to come back to you instead of a competitor, and to come back more often in order to get their rewards sooner. If you decide to look into this tactic, POS systems can track rewards points across stores and online marketplaces, so it’s pretty easy to implement.

Learn from Competitors

Every industry has competition, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The last big way to increase customer favoritism towards your brand is by studying the other brands related to it, and then doing what they do, but better. When a competitor has a sales rewards system in place already, for example, you can go above and beyond by creating a referral rewards system! Also, by looking into what people like and dislike about other brands’ qualities, you can better finetune your products, services, and values to provide everything the competition does and more!

If you want your brand to stand out, there are lots of quick marketing tactics to increase visibility. But making your brand something customers favor over any other, however, requires more in-depth planning and skill. Don’t just stop at being a good place to go for a product or service—make your brand something customers talk to their friends about!

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How Do I Improve My Networking?


Figuring out how to network can feel incredibly challenging. Maybe you feel like the networking efforts you’ve made thus far have only resulted in surface-level connections rather than meaningful relationships. Applying some of these ideas will help you make your networking efforts more productive.

Talk About Your Passions

According to The Therapists’ Network, talking about your passions is one way to make the conversations you have with colleagues more meaningful. Instead of asking small-talk-related questions, learn to dive into the things you care about, and more importantly, the things the other individual cares about.

Try to ask good questions and listen carefully to the information the other person is saying. As you do that, you’ll find points of connection and commonality where you can start to build a relationship with the individual.

Attend Events

Learning to hone your conversational and listening skills is essential so that you make the most out of your business interactions. But finding opportunities to meet new people and actually forge those connections is also essential. According to the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, if you are looking for a new job, job fairs can connect you with businesses that are looking for employees. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Even though attending these events can sometimes be overwhelming, try to think about them more as opportunities for you to meet new cool people who are passionate about the services they are providing in the world instead of as cutthroat competition for the best jobs.

Remember People

When it comes to being a good networker, it’s easy to think that being personable and memorable are the most important things you can do to ensure that you expand your pool of connections. But in all reality, building your network requires that you actually connect with, care about, and remember the people you meet.

Making a few solid connections at an event where you actually get in contact with them afterward will be much more effective than talking to twenty-plus people without having any meaningful conversations. According to Mind Maven, you should try to remember people and to remember their names.

As you work to find the best strategies to improve your networking abilities, remember to stay true to yourself. While it’s true that networking requires everyone to get out of their shell somewhat, remember to stick to your strengths. If you’re a great listener, leverage that. If you’re a great conversationalist, learn to use that. Working to maximize your strengths will help you feel more confident as you try to build more connections.

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How Small Startups Can Benefit from More Software Automation


Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner looking to upgrade and facilitate your production processes? If so, you should probably consider how your business could benefit by using more software automation. Here are a couple of the reasons that many small businesses are investing in software automation and the benefits that they receive as a result.

Reduce Costs

According to IntelliChief, one of the great benefits of having software automation is that it can actually reduce some of your costs around the workplace. Software automation such as business processing systems can help speed up your product turnaround time and can decrease costs. For example, each invoice that is processed automatically saves $10 on average compared to an invoice that is processed manually. There are many other processes that have reduced costs when they are automated. Essentially, if you automate more, you save more.

Simplify Tasks

One of the difficulties that many small businesses face is having a small number of employees with countless tasks to accomplish within normal business hours. There are some of these tasks that can be tedious and time-consuming that don’t really require a lot of specialized skill. These tasks can be frustrating for your employees to perform since their skills could be better used elsewhere. This is the kind of situation where software automation could step in and fulfill these tedious tasks in a simpler and more time-efficient manner, allowing your employees to use their skills elsewhere. For example, according to Gideon Taylor, PeopleSoft tools can assist with all major HR tasks like onboarding and time-off requests rather than requiring an employee to fulfill those needs manually.

Save Time

According to Business Money, perhaps the greatest benefit of using software automation is that it can save you time, sometimes even hours upon hours of time. As a small business with limited employees, specialized products, and a large audience, your time is more valuable than anything else. Just as people say, time is money, and money is time. If you invest in software automation, the steps in your production process will speed up, and you’ll be able to sell more products and make more money.

As you’re considering the different needs of your small business, remember to include the benefits of software automation in your considerations. Once you include automation in your business, you’ll never want to go back. By automating more steps of your business processes, you’ll see that your company will be more successful and be able to achieve more of your vision goals.

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How to Keep Your Company Event Safe


When planning a corporate event, there are many things to plan ahead. You’re already mitigating issues with caterers, making sure the venue is ready, making sure invitations are where they are supposed to have gone! It can be easy to forget that as a company, you can be held liable if individuals leaving your event are driving drunk. Beyond the critical moral issues involved, and the danger to patrons and bystanders, drunk driving is a massive issue to companies all over the world. How can you help keep your company event safe?

Control Who Gets In

Your first line of defense is a good offense, after all, which means that while you might have an open bar, you needn’t have an open-door policy. According to The Midlothian Conference Center, invitations must be given as an RSVP-only event. Likewise, invitations should be checked at the door. This keeps gatecrashers from wandering in towards any alcohol they find, which can help you remain concerned only about your company’s employees. Employees should know standards in advance for bringing invitations to be checked.

Ensure Responsible Drinking

According to Rogers Beltran, a DUI comes with significant legal consequences, so arranging transportation is a must. There are plenty of corporate event options for transportation, depending on the size of your event. Chartering corporate bussing is a great option, of course! If your company is using a hotel facility for the event, it might be possible to reserve rooms at a discounted rate. This can encourage those who otherwise might want to drive home to take your version of a transportation service instead or to sleep in the hotel for the night.

Hire Professionals

Even if you have everything else arranged, one of your best options for preventing dangerous drinking behaviors can be to hire professional bartenders. Beyond knowing how to mix up beautiful and fancy drinks, an expert mixologist recognizes signs of inebriation long before an amateur. According to Convene, while the responsibility and liability do not lie firmly on their shoulders, they can be your first line of defense in knowing who needs to take a cab home and who needs to be cut off completely. They can spot underaged patrons and check IDs.

You haven’t gone through the stress, expense, and frustration of party planning to have it ruined by DUIs! Prepare ahead and hire professionals as your first line of defense. Call those cabs and protect your party and your company as well!

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How to Increase Leads That Become Customers


Without good leads, your business will never prosper. Lead generation can be a tricky thing, however, especially if you haven’t done much research on what your target market wants. To get the most out of visitors on your webpage, increase their conversion by following these three tactics!

Use Customer Reviews

Hearing it from a friend is simply the best referral, but hearing it from a fellow online user is still pretty trustworthy to most people. Using customer reviews to generate leads is something businesses often forget the value of, simply because they feel it is outside their control. This, however, is simply not true. One of the key reasons customers leave reviews is because they are asked to do so. When a customer has a good experience, inviting them to review or even give a testimonial can be the tipping point for other users to simply browse your website, and actually make a desired action.


Improve Web Design

What do people see when they first open the main page of your website? Just increasing your website functionality and improving its design can make a huge difference in how users perceive your products while considering a purchase. Ideally, 30 to 50 percent of your leads should become customers, so if that is not the case improving your website’s graphic designs and accessibility via mobile phone can significantly improve your numbers. Look at what other successful business websites have done, and try it yourself. Or, better, hire a graphic designer who knows what they’re doing!


Make Quality Blog Posts

Often when people try to unleash the power of SEO with keywords and link building, they do so with little thought for the actual content on the page. Your blog posts and their quality, however, can make a big difference to users who are seeking a business that actually knows what they’re talking about. Also, implementing brand voice can help such users get a feel for who you are and what they can expect from your brand, instead of simple generic writing that they’ll easily forget.


What you can’t control is people’s decisions—but you can make the most of the tools the digital world has given and optimize your website to receive customers that want what you’re selling. If you have doubts, just give one of these tips a try and watch for results. You’ll be surprised how simple it often is to generate quality leads.

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How You Can Cut Costs Without Cutting People


How You Can Cut Costs Without Cutting People

When your business is going through a difficult period, you often need to think about cutting your costs. It is important in these situations to try to find a way to keep your costs down without having to get rid of employees. Figuring out a way to balance your budget while keeping your valuable employees on board can help you to get even more out of your business.

Negotiate Prices

One of the worst things that you can do as a businessperson is to accept the first price for things without negotiation. According to Brian Tracy International, through the process of negotiating, you can lower prices and put yourself in a better financial position. It is important to think about the number of items you are buying and the value you bring to the companies you buy from. When you have that in mind it can make the negotiation process a little simpler and help you to ensure your success. Taking time to negotiate can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Stop Wasting Resources

It’s also important to make sure that you are using resources effectively within your business. Sometimes business waste can go undetected even while it costs your business a lot of money. Think about the way you are using things like printer paper around the office and try to decrease nonessential use. This is important because according to the Utah Valley Chamber, 45 percent of printer paper ends up in the trash at the end of the day. That is a lot of waste that your company doesn’t need to be paying for.

Improve Efficiency in the Office

One way that businesses waste money is by becoming inefficient in their processes and general operations. According to BusinessTown, if you can improve the efficiency of your business, you can save a lot of money and keep your staff employed. Improving efficiency can start with good training and continue through great management that keeps your employees feeling fulfilled and excited about their work. The more you can encourage your employees and show them that they are valued the more efficient your business will become.

Running a business is a complicated and rewarding job, but it can become even more difficult when money is tight. When you have good negotiation skills, an efficient team, and a good handle on waste it will help your business to perform better. That can give you the room to cut your costs while keeping your strong pool of employees.

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How You Can Produce Content That’s Both Entertaining and Informative


How You Can Produce Content That’s Both Entertaining and Informative

Many business owners have embraced the idea of content creation when it comes to growing their businesses. By having more content, you can reach a larger audience and increase the exposure of your business. However, you don’t need to stick to only being informative. There are many media formats that allow for being simultaneously entertaining and informative.

Create Videos

Video content is one of the most popular types of content you can create. It’s very easy for consumers to engage with video content without exerting much effort. It’s quick and often more entertaining. When making video content, you can present your message, but you also get to focus on the creative aspects of it as well. You can tell a visual story, use an engaging narrative, or provide an emotional appeal. In fact, videos are ideal for portraying emotions and they will often create more connections with your audience than written content. As an added bonus, videos typically appear higher in a search which will increase exposure to your content.


In addition to videos, podcasts are extremely popular. This is partially because they require even less effort to consume than videos. People simply need to listen. Podcasts are ideal for commuting, cleaning, cooking, working, etc. Your audience will appreciate any type of content that allows them to multitask. Podcasts are an excellent opportunity to have a discussion, present your opinion, and even show more of your personality. This is very engaging for your audience which allows them to be entertained while learning something new. Additionally, podcasts can be very lucrative. Podcast advertising revenue may pass $1 billion in 2021. Now is the time to get on board with this type of media.

Create a Blog

Having blog content on your website is not a new thing. However, you can take a different approach to it in order to be more entertaining. People like to engage with content that is a little less formal. If you let your personality show through when writing your blogs, it adds more of a human element. You can be informative while still using humor, informal language, and a more conversational tone. Creating blog posts that incorporate these allow your audience to make more of a connection with you.

When creating content for your business, you want to engage with your audience. There are many ways you can present information while still entertaining your audience. Try out a few formats and see what works for you.

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Little Things You Need to Remember for Your Business


In order to help your business grow and prosper, there are a lot of big steps to be taken. However, there are also many little aspects of your business that can help you take your business to the next level. Mastering these little things will make a big difference.

Consistent Voice

Having a consistent voice will build confidence amongst your customers. They will see that you are running a competent and reliable business. Your voice will be heard in a variety of ways including marketing, promotions, and official documents. To begin, you need to decide what your voice will be. Is it confident? Reassuring? Professional? Once you decide on your voice, you must make sure to match that in all content you produce. It can be helpful to create a style guide for your business, so you always have a reference. Similarly, hiring an editor to look over materials to maintain consistency can be helpful.

Official Records

To create a sense of professionalism for your business, you should aim to create official records. This again demonstrates to your clients and customers that you are a dependable business. Having official records, as well as an organizational system, will also make things much easier for your business. With official records, you can easily locate any records you’re looking for and be able to file records efficiently. Having an invoice template helps improve your record keeping. This way you can easily fill in information and make sure it stays consistent.


Many of today’s consumers are eager to find authentic businesses. These types of businesses help them to connect and build trust. They want to make sure they are being treated well and that they get what they expect from a business transaction. To create an authentic business, you need to adopt policies of honesty and transparency. Be sincere about the mission of your business and stick to the values that you align your business with. If a mistake is made, don’t try to cover it up. Be honest with your customers about what happened and make an extra effort to amend the mistake.

Running a business requires a lot of moving parts and a lot of work. As you continue growing your business, make sure you don’t skip out on the little things. These things will help lay the groundwork of your business and they will make a major impact over time.

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