July 14, 2024

Creating an Intentional Year!


It is the time of the year again to celebrate successes and milestone, while setting our intentions for next year.

My experience has been that you will find that these types of intentions reflect your true desires more than setting specific targets for sales or income, more than determining how many pounds you will lose or some other thing you don’t like about yourself that you wish you had the motivation to overcome.

When you begin to focus on the type of person you want to be, your motivation is so much more real than just setting targets to attain. When you focus on your contribution to the world rather than changing the specifics of your situation to be easier and more fun, you begin to focus in ways that don’t feel like chores, rather they feel like gifts you are giving yourself and others.

BE THE TYPE OF PERSON who lives a healthy life.

BE THE TYPE OF PERSON who contributes to others.

BE THE TYPE OF PERSON who does the things you find challenging before doing what’s fun.

BE THE TYPE OF PERSON who focuses on the area that is weakest and builds it up so that all the other areas of your life benefit in the process.

BE THE TYPE OF PERSON who cares, who listens, who thinks and grows.

BE THE TYPE OF PERSON who is other focused rather than self centered.


Concept shared from an amazing coach Nada Adams!


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