May 22, 2024

Honeymoon after 6 months


Thank goodness we waited for our honeymoon!! I think having the time pass, has helped facilitate a time to enjoy, moved to deeper intimacy and healing on our honeymoon. After 6 months (tomorrow) since we have been married, we have had the pleasure and pain of getting to know each other. Yes, I did say pain, however the pleasure…..way out ways anything else. From successful couples I look to as role models, they all say the first year of getting to know each other and living together is always a challenge. I think moving in with anyone at first, takes some adjusting. According to the “eXperience the game” ,they define the word challenge as an opportunity for growth. YIPPEE for GROWTH!!! I don’t always feel that way at the time, but do my best to remember everything is for a reason and a blessing that may not be revealed at this moment.

In 6 months, we have packed up an entire home and moved Ari from LA. I will forever be grateful he did this to be with me. To move to Brevard County Florida of all places. It’s a beautiful community and I have lots of wonderful warm welcoming friends, however it’s not LA…his home of over 15 years. He became an instant step-father of two teenagers. Another major change, as I have lived independently for years and Ari has lived with roommate and alone for most of his life with no children. He is a natural father though….bringing so much love, wisdom and patience to our home. We have been having wonderful family meetings with the children’s father (Jari) and girlfriend (Cindy) as new things arise during our time of change. I wish all parents could have the relationship with their x’s the way I do!!! I feel blessed to have a husband that believes and lives for community, as I do. Alex and Makayla (our children) now have a stronger family unit than ever before.

So today I am focused on gratitude for God’s timing….6 months later to our dream vacation. Sometime things don’t happen the way we expect or want, however in God’s timing, it’s all perfect! Neither of us have been to Hawaii before and the energy here is powerful!!!!


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