July 17, 2024

My Personal Invitation and Transformation


I wanted to personally share why I think this is the most valuable and important event I have ever produced. Last November I was selected to be in a documentary film that was a month long retreat/bootcamp produced by Gary Null, PhD. Little did I know this retreat would transform my life forever.

When I went there I didn’t realize the I had a number of personal roadblocks that affected my health, business and family life, on top of the crisis I was experiencing with the economy. Dr. Null’s work has taken me to new levels to live and think in the most authentic way. My health has taken a quantum leap and I can now say, do not need surgery as suggested back in 2009.

As a bonus, my extra weight has fallen away.

Not only has Dr. Null written 100 books, produced 100 films, been named “The New Mr Natural” by Time Magazine and been awarded documentarian and environmentalist – for decades he has worked selflessly on behalf of humanity, our physical and emotional health, the homeless and our environment.

The millions of people, who know of Dr. Null, consider him an iconic leader who has made huge shifts in the world on our behalf. I feel so very blessed that we have been able to have him come to our area.

In alignment with the subject of his new film “LOVE” (which we will be showing and he will include in his talk), I would love it if we could use this also as an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new connections. Let’s come together as a community that makes a positive difference in the world. Let’s celebrate and reconnect with each other.


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