October 24, 2021

Strategies That Can Save Your Business Time and Money


All businesses, but especially small ones, are seeking out new methods that will help them be more efficient. Running a small business can be a costly endeavor, particularly as you are starting out. Here are a few strategies that can save your business time and money if they are carefully applied to your mission and production processes.

Organic Marketing

First off, there has been a huge shift in business marketing in the past few years. Gone are the days of newspaper or radio ads as businesses have welcomed the onslaught of organic social media marketing. Billions of people use social media for hours on end each day, which provides you with a large window of time and a huge audience to reach. From Instagram reels to Facebook ads to TikTok videos, Hootsuite says the possibilities are endless when it comes to cultivating social media content. Try out all of the different advantages that social media has to offer until you find the approach that works best for you and your business.

Client Retention

Secondly, it is very important to retain the clients that you have in order to prosper as a business. According to the Utah Valley Chamber, it costs more to gain new clients than to retain your existing ones. Gaining new clients means putting much more time and money into marketing and publicity, which can be difficult. If you retain the clients that you already have through great customer service, good communication, and new product launches, you’ll have a consistent stream of customers. In addition, your loyal clients will probably recommend your business to people that they know, which will bring in new clients without an increase in time or money on your part. For this reason, it is important to do all that you can to guarantee that your clients have a good experience with your business.

Automation Software

Another great way to save time and money is to automate tasks that are tedious and time-consuming for your employees. According to Calendar, this will save you from having to pay employees to do tasks that could be more easily accomplished through automation software. For example, invest in software that will create work orders and invoices so you don’t have employees taking up their work time doing so.

As you’re trying to figure out how to save your business money and time, don’t forget the strategies that have been discussed in this article. Apply each of them to your business routine and processes and adjust them accordingly so that you have more success without blowing a budget!

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Third Parties That Can Help Make Your Business Plan a Reality


Starting a business is something that many people think they need to do entirely on their own. This attitude can prevent people from making an amazing business idea into the reality they hoped it could be. If you work with people willing and able to help, however, you will improve your chances of success and really add something great to the business world.


One area of starting a business where many new entrepreneurs need help from the outside is in securing funding for their business. A simple way to do this is to get a loan through a lender in order to cover some or all of your startup costs. Getting a small business loan can help you take care of early expenses and get your business off to a strong start. It’s important to shop around for lenders, however, as you want to get the best possible interest rate and access to the capital you need.


Some people forget that they may also need the help of lawyers to get their business started on the right foot. There are many legal aspects to starting a business that a lawyer can help you to do properly. A lawyer can help you avoid mistakes that can cripple your business and ruin it before it’s even really started. If you have legal help early on, however, you will be able to make business decisions that are legally sound and have protection in place that can keep your business running no matter what happens.


Sometimes you may need help with the functions of your business before you can afford to hire full time help. This is where using contractors in a limited way will help you to get things going in the early days of your business. You don’t want to rely too heavily on contractors, but they can be a great tool as well, especially in providing skills that you don’t otherwise have access to. If you are smart about hiring contractors, they can be a huge help in improving your business from the start.

Getting your business running takes skill and time, and it’s okay if it also takes outside help. In fact, it’s probably for the best! When you work with experts, you can get your business in a much better place than if you simply do everything yourself. And their help can allow you to focus your energy where you excel.

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How to Inspire Your Employees to Perform Their Best


You always want your employees to put out their best possible work. While that is partially their responsibility, your leadership also has a lot to do with your employees’ productivity. There are many things you can and should be doing as an employer that can help you to be more helpful in promoting good work from your employees. When you master the work required to inspire your employees, your business will be in even better shape.

Make Sure Their Needs Are Taken Care Of 

Your employees simply cannot do their best work if they are distracted thinking about additional things they need to do to meet their needs. But if their needs are met at work, they will be in a much better position to focus. This means ensuring that you offer the benefits they need to ensure that their health and financial security is in a good position. Research insurances before making a decision so that you can provide your employees with the best possible option. Provide retirement benefits and their future needs will also feel much more secure to them.

Lead by Example

Your employees definitely notice you. They are generally pretty aware of the work you do and how you do it. So if you are working hard to make your company a better place, they will take note of that and are more likely to do their work to the best of their ability. That’s why leading by example is so essential. It’s also important that you be as optimistic as possible, no matter what difficulties the company faces, so you can create a positive environment. Your optimism can inspire employees to accomplish more at their jobs.

Don’t Overwork Them

While overtime may be occasionally necessary, it’s not a good idea to rely on it to get work done. When your employees are overworked, they can’t perform as well, and they are more likely to leave. Give your employees time off, let them have needed breaks, and work to ensure that overtime is a rare exception rather than the rule. This will help them from experiencing a burnout with their job and producing low quality work.

As your employees learn to trust you, they will be more willing to put all of their effort into the work you give them. Creating a positive work environment and taking care of their needs are essential ways to increase employee performance. It may not always be easy, but the inspiration you give your team pays off!

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How to Improve the Shipping Process at Your Business


The shipping process has become more important to more businesses, especially as the business world has become increasingly digital. Online shopping is more common than ever before, which means shipping has a greater role to play than ever before. If your shipping process has problems, you’re going to have some issues with customer satisfaction. So what can you do to improve it?

Work Out Supply Chain Issues

Shipping has been something of a nightmare for businesses around the world for over a year now. Part of that is because of supply chain issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Having supply chain issues doesn’t stop you from needing supplies though. If you’re having such problems, you’ll need to find ways to work through them so you can stay in business and keep your side of the shipping process running smoothly. You may need to consider finding a new supplier in the meantime.

Cut Down Lead Time

How long does it take you to get your customers’ orders to them? Two weeks? Two months? Amazon’s two-day Prime shipping has changed customer expectations, which means that businesses have a lot more pressure to get orders out the door in quick time. That means you need to take steps to cut down your lead time. So what can you do? You can use kitting to prepare packages before an order even comes in. You can make projections for future orders based on order history to make sure you have enough inventory on hand to fulfill them too.

Simplify Procedures

Have you ever asked your employees what they think about your shipping processes and procedures? There’s a good chance that there are things that could be done to simplify them and your employees probably have some decent ideas about what improvements could be made. If procedures are too complex, you’ll be wasting time going through unnecessary steps to get the job done. The simpler you make your shipping process, the easier and quicker it’s likely to go.

Taking steps to improve the shipping process at your business can only do good things for both you and your customers. Making sure your supply chain is free of issues, reducing your lead time, and keeping your procedures as simple and streamlined as possible are important steps to making sure your shipping goes smoothly. Remember, if you want to keep your customers happy, you need to get the things they’ve ordered to them as quickly as possible.

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What Do Customers Want from Your Business?


The key to making any business successful is finding ways to connect with your customer base, but that isn’t as easy as it may sound. Building relationships with your customers takes time and effort but it is an important element of running your business that will help you to be much more successful. One of the best things you can do for customer relationships is to figure out what your customers want from you and make it your priority to deliver. If you can make that happen, it will benefit your business in the long run.


First and foremost, your customers are looking for quality. No one wants to have to continue replacing products or getting services redone because they weren’t done well in the first place. This makes creating quality products and providing quality services your top priority as you work to connect with your customers. Listen to customer feedback and if there is anything, they found to be less than high quality, talk to them about how to make it better. As you work to ensure that you always provide the highest quality products and services to your customers, it will help your business to be more secure.


People also want to feel recognized and seen in their interactions with the businesses they frequent. This is where personalization can come in handy and make customer experiences more positive. If you run a brick-and-mortar storefront and you have regulars, make it a point to learn their names and try to remember what they prefer to buy. When you communicate with customers online, make it a point to personalize your interactions and learn about your customers. Rather than sending the exact same content to every customer, make up customer groups and send a few different emails that are personalized based on customer preferences.


The more convenient you can make the purchasing and shopping process at your store, the better it will be. Everyone has busy lives, and they are generally looking for ways to save time and make things easier. One great option is creating a subscription service, you can even incorporate this through making buying your products repeatedly more convenient for customers. With a service like this you can make certain purchases automatic and have them delivered to your customer on a regular basis. You can also offer curbside pickup options so customers can order products online and pick them up in your store without ever having to leave their car.


Simplicity is important to customers and it can work hand in hand with convenience if you do it right. When you are designing your website, make it a point to create something that is easy to use and very simple to navigate. If your website is bogged down or poorly organized, it can make it more difficult for customers to find what they need and get on their way. You want to incorporate this simplicity in every element of your business. For example, seeking customer feedback is important, but if your survey is long and complicated, you may not get responses. With a simplified approach it will be easier for customers to help you find out what they need.

A Good Value

In addition to the quality customers are looking for, they also want to make sure that they are getting a fair price for the things they buy. That means that they are looking for high value items that feel like they are worth the expense. One way to help them achieve this is by offering discounts and sales when appropriate so customers know they are getting a deal. You can also add in discounts if people purchase multiple products at once or set up a subscription. This kind of value can help your customers to feel more comfortable with the things you are offering.


Finally, customers want to know that they can trust the businesses they work with to do the things they say they will do. A big part of this is making sure that you resolve issues when they occur and do your best to make the customer experience as good as possible. If you make any promises or provide warranties, make sure that you actually follow through on them and fix any problems that may occur. As you prove yourself and your business as trustworthy it will help your relationships with your customers to become much stronger.

It is always a challenge to work with customers, but when you know what they want you can make things much easier on yourself. Take time to get to know your customers and strive to give them what they need in every interaction. This effort will pay off in stronger customer relationships and higher levels of customer retention

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