July 14, 2024

Day 22 of Juice Fast and Cleanse – Permission for Self Care


Wow….yesterday I was on fire with energy and getting things done!!  Today, an hour before my Free Press Training, I started getting a headache and feverish. DETOX!!!! My wonderful husband put his healing hands on me ten minutes before the call, that was enough of a boost to get me through!!! I want to quit tonight….trying to distract my mind. Started watching a movie and all I can think about is popcorn.


Thank goodness we have a refrigerator full of juices and set for a few days! Keeps me in the game for another day or two! Got a few new recipes from my Veronica Andrew of Eating with Love.  She decided to join us and fasted for 7 days this past week and now she is doing a strict Raw Foods Diet and continues enemas for deep healing!!! Love that she is an expert in detoxing and healing with food!!! Great to have someone to share our funny stories with. 


One is her power drinks in the morning

4 Tablespoons of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar


Cayenne pepper 

Fresh squeezed lemon juice


Yummy….and a great way to balance the bodies PH. 


I have waves of guilt around not being productive or focused…..all self imposed negative thinking. I am noticing how I base  some of my worth on what I accomplish. Two years ago I did a lot of work with Dr. Gary Null at his Lifestyle Modification Retreat around my workaholism and lack of self care, and it is still coming up! Anyone else have challenges with finding balance? Are you okay with just taking time off and doing nothing? Balance in relationships, family, health, work and spiritually!! 


This entire fast I have not given myself permission to take a nap!!! Naps are key in healing and helpful with fasting. I have a dear friend, Cynthia Segal  that takes daily 10 minute cat naps and wakes up like she had slept for hours!! Maybe tomorrow I will get a nap in 🙂 


Special thanks to my dearest husband Ari Gronich. We have been married almost 120 days and he so willingly  jumping right in on this journey! Some days I bring him juices and lots of love…other days it’s his turn, like today!!! 


Questions I am thinking about

What can I let go of in my life, right now?

What would my life be like if I drink green juices everyday?

Where do I resist to give myself permission for self care? 


Food for thought LOL well juice for thought!!! Gotta run…Ari is bringing me my evening cocktail of juiced sprouts, wheatgrass, goji and apple juice!!




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