June 23, 2024

How to Improve Collaboration When Your Employees Work Everywhere


Remote work has become far more common in the last few years as more and more businesses are embracing it. While remote work provides a lot of conveniences, the major downside is a lack of unity and collaboration between employees since they are all in different spaces. It is up to you to find ways to improve this collaboration despite the distance. 

Establish Common Hours 

While your employees might not be in the same location, they can still work at the same time. Establishing common hours means all your employees will be on call together and they can work with one another. 

You can assign employees to work on projects together or you can request that they communicate during work hours. With a set schedule of when people should and shouldn’t be working, you can encourage your employees to collaborate more often. 

Operate in the Cloud

If you want employees to collaborate more, then you need to give them a space in which to collaborate. The use of cloud computing has been a growing trend in cybersecurity. Using the cloud allows you to securely share documents and information. Rather than working on things on their own and then sending them to teammates, your employees can use the cloud to work on the same documents together. 

They can see changes in real-time and have live discussions about what should be done. Projects will naturally become more collaborative because your employees have the tools that allow them to work together. 

Establish a Communication Channel 

Employees will work much better together if effective communication has been established within your business. The best way to improve communication is to create a clear channel of communication. If your employees are using a variety of ways to communicate, such as email, texts, or online chats, it can be hard for everyone to stay on the same page. 

You need to establish one channel of communication that everyone must check and send messages on. This will ensure everyone is getting announcements and messages and it will create a work environment where employees can collaborate more. 


It can be challenging to unify a group that is spread out across the country or even across the world. However, with the right tools, it can be much easier to encourage collaboration. Find unique solutions to keep your team on the same page. 

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