February 28, 2024

How to Keep Your Company Event Safe


When planning a corporate event, there are many things to plan ahead. You’re already mitigating issues with caterers, making sure the venue is ready, making sure invitations are where they are supposed to have gone! It can be easy to forget that as a company, you can be held liable if individuals leaving your event are driving drunk. Beyond the critical moral issues involved, and the danger to patrons and bystanders, drunk driving is a massive issue to companies all over the world. How can you help keep your company event safe?

Control Who Gets In

Your first line of defense is a good offense, after all, which means that while you might have an open bar, you needn’t have an open-door policy. According to The Midlothian Conference Center, invitations must be given as an RSVP-only event. Likewise, invitations should be checked at the door. This keeps gatecrashers from wandering in towards any alcohol they find, which can help you remain concerned only about your company’s employees. Employees should know standards in advance for bringing invitations to be checked.

Ensure Responsible Drinking

According to Rogers Beltran, a DUI comes with significant legal consequences, so arranging transportation is a must. There are plenty of corporate event options for transportation, depending on the size of your event. Chartering corporate bussing is a great option, of course! If your company is using a hotel facility for the event, it might be possible to reserve rooms at a discounted rate. This can encourage those who otherwise might want to drive home to take your version of a transportation service instead or to sleep in the hotel for the night.

Hire Professionals

Even if you have everything else arranged, one of your best options for preventing dangerous drinking behaviors can be to hire professional bartenders. Beyond knowing how to mix up beautiful and fancy drinks, an expert mixologist recognizes signs of inebriation long before an amateur. According to Convene, while the responsibility and liability do not lie firmly on their shoulders, they can be your first line of defense in knowing who needs to take a cab home and who needs to be cut off completely. They can spot underaged patrons and check IDs.

You haven’t gone through the stress, expense, and frustration of party planning to have it ruined by DUIs! Prepare ahead and hire professionals as your first line of defense. Call those cabs and protect your party and your company as well!

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