July 14, 2024

Processes in Your Business That You Should Rethink


If you think about it, business is just one massive process made up of tiny processes. The customer pays a fee to receive a product or service, managed by an employee who works because of financial compensation, using the protocol set up to create standards of conduct in the transaction – and so on and so on. When you improve the internal processes, you improve the whole.

How You Conduct Meetings

Corporate meetings can be a pain. They take up valuable time, and far too often are laden with unnecessary fluff or introduction. Streamline the meetings as much as reasonably possible. Unless it’s essential for everyone invited to be present, start without latecomers and trust them to figure out what they missed. Skip any superfluous introductions or ceremonies unless the meeting holds a more public purpose for others outside the company. Make sure that the information necessary to be delivered is done so clearly, directly, and simply. If subsequent discussions or questions are necessary, make sure to lead them similarly.

Your Hiring Process

You have a lot of very valuable tools that you may not be aware of during the hiring process. Yes, you have job listing sites like Indeed – which are essential. But don’t forget the power of social media. That extends far beyond branding and advertising and into hiring. Even more than online resources, your network is an invaluable tool that can be leveraged to find candidates of higher-than-average quality on a much faster basis. Background checks before hiring people for important roles can give you peace of mind as well.

The Customer Transaction

The transaction is a key part of the customer experience when it comes to the business. After all, a given company’s product or service is only one-half of what the customer pays for. The other half is the experience. While some businesses may have more of an emphasis on the experience than others (namely, entertainment centers, theme parks, etc.), that doesn’t mean that you can’t improve yours. Consider the transaction, the aesthetic of your company, and the technology that could be used to streamline the process. How can you make it all more convenient, enjoyable, or fulfilling?


As you go about restructuring the many different internal processes of your business, keep in mind your overall vision. Improving many small things by one percent can in turn improve the entire company exponentially. Diligently work to make differences, and you will see results.

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