May 22, 2024

What Every Customer Service Representative Needs to Know How to Do


Your customer service representatives can single handedly make or break your business. That sounds like an extreme statement, but if you think about it, it makes sense. As the people responsible for solving customer problems, they have a huge impact on the experience your customers have with your business. As such, there are some things that they absolutely need to know how to do.

How to Represent Your Brand

Consistency is essential in branding, which includes how your employees represent your business. If you want to have a reputation for being positive, your employees need to know that they are expected to behave in ways that reflect that value. Branding for customer service often refers to how they approach working with customers, but can also include things like word choice or even dress and grooming. Make sure you clearly communicate your expectations regarding brand representation with your customer service representatives so you can achieve consistency.

Dealing With Unhappy Customers

Part of the point of customer service is to solve customer problems. No customer is going to be happy about having to contact you because they have a problem with you, which means knowing how to deal with unhappy customers is an absolute must. Whether it’s over the phone, through a web chat, or via email, your representatives need to know how to handle them. The negative reviews you have are an opportunity as well. You can maintain some goodwill with unsatisfied customers by responding to their negative reviews. Regardless of the method of communication, how things are said is going to be more important than what is said.

How to Listen

In order for your representatives to respond to customers in an appropriate, productive manner, they first must know how to listen. Active listening is often talked about as a good technique for customer service representatives, and for good reason. It allows them to more completely understand the customer, which in turn allows them to address the problem correctly. For many, this is a learned skill that they may need to practice doing before becoming proficient. The end result should be worth the effort it takes though.

If your customer service team is to have a shot at being effective, they need to know how to do their job well. Part of that means knowing how to represent your brand, how to deal with unhappy customers, and how to listen properly. While far from exhaustive, these crucial skills can really help your customer service representatives perform their job in a way that leaves your customers feeling more positively towards your business.

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