April 20, 2024

Benefits That You Should Give to Remote Employees


Has your remote workforce been growing increasingly over the past few years? To keep your remote employees happy, healthy, and productive, you should make sure that they have the benefits they need. 

In addition to the benefits that you regularly offer, here are a few benefits that you should consider giving to remote employees.


First, consider giving your remote employees the benefit of childcare. You can offer them a certain budget for their childcare that will be covered by your company each month or pay period. This can help your employees to be more productive and undistracted as they’re working at home. 

If they don’t have assistance with childcare, they might not be able to afford it and might end up taking more time to tend to their kids during the day, which won’t allow them to be as productive in their work responsibilities. Helping your employees out with childcare can help them be more successful and less stressed as they aren’t worried about balancing parenting responsibilities during work hours.

A Home Office Stipend

Another benefit that you should give to your remote employees is a home office stipend. A home office stipend can cover some of the expenses that they have as they’re working from home. You might already give your remote employees a computer to work from, but that doesn’t cover all of the costs that come with working from home. 

A home office stipend can help them to have a comfortable work office, but it can also provide them with the funds to have secure wifi and cybersecurity software. Remote employees need the proper equipment to keep their networks secure.

Health and Wellness

In addition to health insurance coverage that you should provide for your remote employees, you should also consider incentivizing them with other health and wellness programs. For example, you can offer to reimburse them for a gym membership or give them a membership to a whole foods store. One of the difficulties of working long hours, whether you’re in-person or remote, is that you often don’t have as much time to take care of your personal health. You might think that remote employees will find more time to exercise or eat healthily, but working from home can actually cause your work and life responsibilities to become blurred. Incentivizing your remote employees with health and wellness programs can keep them happy and healthy in both their work and home life. 

So, if you’re wondering how you can keep your remote employees happy, remember these benefits that you should give them. You can offer them childcare, a home office stipend, and health and wellness incentives. These benefits can help your remote employees to be more healthy, satisfied, and productive as they work for your company.

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