August 6, 2020

Business As Usual: How Your Business Can Continue Moving Forward During Difficult Times


There is no question about it, the world has entered a deeply turbulent economic moment, as the COVID-19 pandemic has decimated commerce and the world’s economy. There is no question that this has created a massive disruption of many businesses and has even been forcing some to close. However, though this moment has been incredibly challenging, there are still ways your business can move forward. Here are three specific tips on how you can make that happen as a business owner.

Create Live Videos for Your Social Media

Social media use has skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, as people rely more and more on technology to stay connected with the rest of the world. This has created an amazing opportunity for small businesses to connect with their customers and potential new ones. Indeed, many social networks have algorithms that favor live posts. To that end, create a live video. Use it to discuss your challenges, services and how you are serving your customers during this pandemic. If you are becoming active in a charitable cause or tying your business to charitable activities make sure to discuss that in your live videos, as it can help give you a leg up.

Offer Special Deals

There are many benefits of offering free trials to your customers and potential customers during difficult times. Many people are stuck in their homes and looking for new things to do, and if you can shift your service model to allow for business to operate, take advantage of this lull in service. Examine what sorts of promotions can work for your business and still allow you to serve your customers during this pandemic.

Shift Your Service Delivery Model

Stay at home or business shutdowns have hit virtually every place in the United States. However, many businesses have found ways to continue to legally operate during this time. They have done so by shifting their service models. For example, many businesses are becoming take-out only, delivering products digitally, delivering to someone’s home, and more. To that end, ask yourself, how can you shift your service model. Are there different products or services that you can offer that will provide you a chance to continue to connect with your already existing customers, and maybe even expand to new markets?

Remember, every crisis presents an opportunity. Use this difficult moment in world history to examine how you can continue to provide value to your customers and potentially cut costs at the same time. This can be an opportunity for you and your business if you are able to pivot accordingly.

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How to Take Advantage of a Holiday Sales Spike


For some companies and business owners, the holiday season is the best time of year in terms of sales and generating revenue. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, knowing how to take advantage of a holiday sales spike can significantly impact the overall success you achieve each year. Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing your business for a sale.

Keep Walkways Clear

If you are the owner of a storefront or a brick-and-mortar store, it is imperative to keep walkways outside of your property clear and free from ice and debris at all times. Ensure that you salt and protect each walkway surrounding your business during the cold and wet months to prevent injuries and encourage more foot traffic into your store.

It is also imperative to keep all walkways to your store or place of business clear from ice, damage, cracks and other risks as this may leave you legally accountable for any accidents or injuries that occur. Always verify that you have proper liability insurance for your business and storefront, especially if you live in an area where ice and snowstorms are common or expected each year.

Hire Seasonal Employees

Statistics show that holiday sales account for 20 to 30 percent of profits in most industries, which is why so many employers and companies hire seasonal and part-time workers throughout the busiest times of the year. Consider hiring temporary employees during your busiest holiday months to minimize full-time payroll taxes while also ensuring that your current employees do not become overwhelmed and too stressed out to continue working for you. Additional help on the sales floor and throughout your store can dramatically improve the overall environment and atmosphere in your workplace, especially during busy, hectic and stressful times of the year.

Get Creative Using Social Media

Social media is a great tool for promoting holiday sales and generating interest in your brand and business. Using social media is an effective way to generate brand awareness while also garnering support from new followers who may become loyal customers. Getting creative with the use of social media is possible by hosting contests and giving back, especially during the holiday sale season. Social media is also a great way to share special sale codes that can only be used if they follow your page or subscribe to your newsletter. This is a great way to bring in more attention for your business.

Big holiday sales can seem daunting. As a business owner, knowing how to take advantage of a holiday sales spike can make or break your company each year. With the right plan of action, you can expand your reach while maximizing the revenue you are capable of generating.

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What Does It Mean to Build Your Tribe?


An important part of any long-term business strategy is to build a loyal base, or tribe, that feels invested in the success of your brand enough to come back again and again. The pool of one-time customers available for your business is not enough to sustain it, so it’s essential to come up with ways to attract people who want to be a part of your business. This task of creating a tribe is not just about buying and selling—there’s a deeper connection that people have with brands and companies when they really allow those entities to become part of their lives. Here are a few of the best ways to establish your business within a community and construct a tribe out of it.

Establishing a Voice

What does your company stand for? Why should a customer come to you for their goods or services instead of another company? What is special or unique about your company? When you answer these questions, you can begin to establish a voice that speaks to what about your business stands above the competition. When there is a shared sense of purpose between the voice of the company and the customer, the reasons for being in business become self-evident, and you’ve begun to build a significant and sustainable tribe.

Making a Loyal Base

Remember that appreciation leads to loyalty, which is necessary for business success. The customer always has more choices than the business, meaning that if they become unsatisfied with the company, then they can simply leave the tribe and go elsewhere for their needs. Therefore, it is critical to never take your customers’ loyalty for granted. A good strategy to maintain a loyal base is to act as if you just established your business yesterday, even if it has been many years. This will keep you hungry to impress customers with your dedication to providing a great product or service and maintaining their loyalty.

Offer Incentives for Loyal Members of Your Tribe

Many businesses take the often-traveled path of focusing their marketing efforts on increasing their customer base while ignoring their pool of long-term customers. While attracting new customers is important for growth, it is equally important to retain the customers you have already in your tribe because they are its lifeblood. Offering discounts and special programs available just for long-term customers from time to time is a good idea.

Building your tribe is an important part of being successful in any business. If you take these tips to heart, you can achieve success in building a tribe around your business that means more than just dollars and cents in the long run.

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What to Look for in a Cleaning Service for Your Business


Keeping your workplace clean and free from hazardous obstacles is an essential part of maintaining a successful business. However, hiring staff to clean each and every day can become rather expensive, especially for start-ups. This is why so many companies choose to go the route of simply hiring a cleaning service to come from time to time. However, before you sign on the dotted line, here are a few things to look out for.


Although it’s much cheaper to hire a cleaning service than bringing in your own staff, it can still get expensive. It is important to consider the affordability of the service as well as what you get. Note that you should not choose a company because it is the cheapest option. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. So, in order to make an educated decision, always look at the level of service you get with each company. You will notice that some companies may charge a lot but will have certain restrictions, while others will go above and beyond for less.


One of the most common reasons a company gets sued is because of an accident at work. This is why it is so important that you choose a company that is thorough with its cleaning. Slippery unmarked floors are no laughing matter, so make sure they don’t just clean but mark areas that might be dangerous. It is highly recommended to ask for references and talk with prior clients about their history with the company. A few calls can potentially save your company thousands.


Simply said, accidents are going to happen. A computer will be dropped by accident or that expensive painting in your lobby might be damaged. Thus, one of the first things you should ask a cleaning service is what kind of insurance it has. You are going to want a cleaning company that can not only cover damages on objects within your office but also personal accidents. This is especially important because that worker can potentially file a lawsuit against not only the cleaning company but your business as well.

Business leaders have a plethora of things to do. However, hiring the right cleaning service is not a detail that should be thrown to the wayside. So, take the tips listed above into consideration and conduct your own personal research to determine which cleaning company is the right choice for you.

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Qualities and Actions That Help You Become a Successful Business Leader


As a business leader, you’re responsible for correctly guiding those under you and delivering positive business results for the company. Being a business leader is rewarding when you approach it in the right way that is built on a set of solid guiding principles. Here are some of the most essential qualities to have and actions to take to become a successful business leader.

Treat Employees Right

It’s important to avoid different types of discrimination that can often take place in a work environment and focus on treating employees equally. You should create clearly defined rules and enforce them the same for all employees. This helps prevent the problem of appearing like you’re playing favorites.

When employees feel like you’re showing favoritism, they will become less motivated and begin to feel more resentment the longer the perceived unequal treatment of employees continues. If you ever chat with an employee about topics unrelated to work, then you’ll need to remember to talk to all employees that week. When you only talk to some employees about non-work related topics, it gives the impression that you favor them.

Show Integrity

Be honest with people in all facets of your business, including employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, regulators and investors. If you get caught lying just once, it can ruin your reputation and break trust not only with the person you lied to but others who must interact with you. Integrity goes beyond honesty. It also involves having morals and operating based on those morals.

Consumers increasingly care about where products are sourced, how employees are treated, and the ways that business leaders conduct themselves morally. Integrity is equally important to your clients as it is for your own employees, so always strive to stay focused and not deviate from your set of morals.

Master Self-Discipline

Discipline is what keeps you doing the things you need to do, regardless of how you feel. Thus, it’s one of the most important qualities you must have to become a successful business leader. Master self-discipline by committing yourself to lifelong personal development, schedule time for monthly reflection, monitor your progress toward your goals, and practice it every day.

Over time, practicing self-discipline every day and learning new ways to stay in control of yourself will help you master this key quality. You will also become a good example to others when you’re the kind of person who always keeps your word, shows up on time, stays calm in stressful situations and successfully executes plans.

When you focus on the above qualities and actions, you can shape yourself into a successful business leader. Remember that treating employees equally might require additional planning and awareness on your part. You may be genuine in your attempt to treat everyone the same, but certain actions, like only making small talk with some employees, gives the wrong impression. Also, act with integrity, and stay in control of yourself.

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