May 22, 2024

Corporate Trends That Are Making a Comeback


Workplace trends come and go. What is trending in the workplace has a tendency to reflect a blend of employee and employer values. Some trends make repeat appearances throughout the years. Here are some corporate trends that you could see making a comeback soon.

The Cubicle

Open office floor plans have been popular recently. They have the ability to improve morale, among other benefits. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the cubicle may be in a position to make a comeback. Many offices are putting up such barriers to try and reduce the spread of illness. This could become more common as more people come back to work.

Quality Circles

Quality circles could also be making a comeback. These groups consist of anywhere from three to twelve employees within a company. Ideally, those in the group have the same jobs, or at least ones that are similar or related. They meet regularly to discuss work-related problems and identify solutions to them. Those solutions are then presented to leadership within the business. There are many examples of quality circles from the 1970s among corporate giants. These businesses found that quality circles benefited their business. An effective quality circle can reduce costs. It can also improve productivity, efficiency, and morale.

The Traditional Office Setting

One recent trend is the desire for an improved work-life balance. Employees don’t want to live to work; they want to work to live. The current pandemic climate may be changing this perspective. 4.7 million people are currently working remotely. While the overall perspective on it is positive, not everyone is having an easy time of it. Some employees will embrace a return to an office setting. When they do, they’ll be trying to create a clear separation between their home life and their office life. This means there will likely be a return to the more traditional office setting. The home-like couches and communal spaces will give way to a more office-like setting .

There’s no denying that the workplace is undergoing a period of transition. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many people do business. Businesses may soon see a return to cubicle workspaces. Quality circles may become more prevalent as companies recognize their value. There may even be a return to a more traditional office setting. These trends are coming back, so it’s time we embrace them.

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