April 15, 2024

Events That Can Help Bring Your Company Together


Company culture is a critically important aspect of running a successful business. A toxic culture can lead to interpersonal issues and mental health problems that can seriously damage your productivity. Here are some events you can host that will strengthen bonds between your employees. 

A Company Party

As the saying goes: all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. While employees should have a good work-life balance to promote productivity in the workplace and mental health outside, there’s nothing wrong with bringing them together once in a while. 

Employees work better when their work is meaningful. That kind of connection can manifest in many different ways (most notably passion for the product itself), but a good relationship with fellow employees can be a big part of that. Casual events like company parties are the best way to help people grow and connect with each other.

An Annual Retreat

A retreat is another alternative. Although not as quite as casual as other options, a retreat offers a purposeful structure that can be very productive. Usually, retreats have a kind of purpose in mind–team building, mindfulness, etc. 

But they act with a dual purpose, also helping to promote that same casual interpersonal connection that can help make the workplace such a positive environment. People like doing things with people they like; camping, solving fun problems, playing games, and so on. If you do decide to make your retreat more elaborate you need to make sure to prepare thoroughly. If you go camping, you should be aware of fire restrictions in the area you visit.

Training and Exercises

There are other ways to effectively team-build. There are many expert consultants who make a living by giving presentations and training on various topics to companies and organizations around the country. Sometimes, new training might be required, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be interpersonally productive or fun. Use every training as an opportunity to let employees bond. That might mean delegation of the training to create a mentor-mentee relationship. It might mean friendly competition between employees. If you’re using a consultant, look for those who have concrete results and reviews from other companies.

Good company culture begins with those who are in charge–the owners, the executives, the managers, and more. Cultivating a good culture takes time, effort, and deliberate policy reinforcement. Even if you’re far from that point, it’s never too late to start. 

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