July 17, 2024

Health and Safety Violations That Can Land Your Restaurant In Trouble


Providing a safe dining experience for your customers will maintain your good reputation and allow you to remain open. The best way to keep your restaurant safe is by knowing what violations can land you in trouble. You can take special care to avoid these mistakes. 

Improper Food Storage 

When storing food, there are certain rules that must be followed to prevent cross-contamination, food spoiling, or other dangers to your patrons. You should know the common food storing mistakes. Food needs to be stored in proper places. For example, raw meat should never be stored above fresh vegetables. 

Meat should always be placed on the bottom. Food always needs to be covered while being stored. To keep food fresh, you need to make sure you are rotating your food. Older food needs to be used first. You also need to use proper containers when storing things. It’s recommended that you use glass containers as they are BPA-free and safe to use in both the dishwasher and microwave. 

Failing to Sanitize the Kitchen 

Another way you can remove any health risks from your kitchen is by keeping it clean. Some elements need to be cleaned more frequently than others. Your countertops should be wiped and sanitized several times a day since they are used frequently. Your floors should be cleaned at the end of the day to remove any food spills as well as messes made from constant foot traffic.

The appliances in your kitchen have their own schedule for when they should be cleaned, but often it is 1-2 times a week. Keeping your kitchen sanitized removes bacteria and prevents pests from making a home there. Pests can mean serious health consequences for employees and diners. Employ extra measures to prevent pests. 

Improperly Storing and Using Chemicals

While you want to keep your kitchen clean and sanitized, you need to be careful with the chemicals you use to do so. Any chemicals used in your kitchen should be clearly labeled so your employees know what they are. They also need to be stored properly. Chemicals should be far away from all food and away from any heat sources. Your kitchen should have safety posters on display that detail how chemicals should be stored. 

It’s easy to be more lenient with certain rules in your kitchen, but this leniency can land you and your restaurant in trouble. It’s best to be aware of all the rules and follow them carefully. Otherwise, your restaurant won’t last much longer.

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