July 17, 2024

How to Run a Successful Brick-and-Mortar Store in 2022


With COVID-19 lockdowns and social media shopping, it seems like the past few years have discouraged a lot of brick-and-mortar business owners. However, even though there have been a lot of changes in the last few years, you can still run a successful in-person business. Here are a few steps that can help you to find success at your brick-and-mortar location.

Stand Out

First off, it is necessary that you stand out. One of the most important tasks that you have in order to keep your brick-and-mortar store running is standing out from all your competitors. You want customers to walk into your store and instantly want to come back again. For example, if you own a photo lab, you don’t want your customers to enter your store and wish that they’d just ordered at Costco or Walgreens. You want your customers to think, “I’m never ordering photos anywhere else!” There are lots of different elements that can make you stand out. Of course, the décor and atmosphere of your store will prepare them for a good experience, but ultimately, the quality of your products and the interactions that your customers have with your employees will determine how they feel about your company.

Integrate With an Online Store

Next, you need to integrate your brick-and-mortar business with your online store if you want to be successful with your customers. POS software allows you to seamlessly integrate your online store with your physical store. This will allow you to receive online orders and ship products to different areas to customers that wouldn’t be able to visit your brick-and-mortar store. Having an integrated online store will also help you to gain a greater online audience and following, especially if you have an attractive and functional website.

Make the Most of Social Media

Finally, if you’re not taking advantage of social media to help your brick-and-mortar store, you’re making a big mistake. Social media isn’t only for online exclusive shops, or little Instagram businesses without a storefront. Social media can help you to attract new customers that would have never found your store by passing it on the street. There are millions of users on social media each day that could possibly be exposed to your great products and services, which could increase sales and help your business to be more successful. Social media can also help you to connect with other businesses or creators in your industry, which can expose you to customers or followers in your niche.

So, now that you’ve been reminded that it is still possible to have a successful brick-and-mortar store, even in 2022, don’t let any of your fears hold you back. Remember to make your business stand out, integrate your in-person store with your online store, and make the most of social media to better grow your business. This will help you to grow your audience, improve your sales, and reach goals that you’ve never dreamed of.

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