April 20, 2024

How Your Business Can Tackle Struggles with Productivity


Productivity can be hard to manage at times. You want your business to always be productive, but sometimes it can be challenging. Your employees aren’t motivated, and you aren’t bringing in customers like you want to. In short, your productivity is struggling. However, your business can tackle these struggles and be back up to where you want to be.

Find Where You Are Lacking

One of the first things you need to do is find out where you’re lacking. Measuring workplace productivity is crucial to your business’s success. Because productivity is measured as what your business is putting out, or what it accomplishes in a day, which relies heavily on your employees, you’ll need to talk to them. Find out what makes them happy in your business and find out if there are problems. Why are they struggling? In order to involve them in their own success (which is also the success of your company), you need to first establish what your business is lacking.

Hold a Strategy Meeting

Once you’ve established what your business is lacking, you can then hold a strategy meeting with your employees where you brainstorm how to improve workplace productivity. Seriously consider their suggestions and then decide what you can do to improve your business’s productivity. Strategy meetings are important because it lets you zone in on the specific problems of your company and how you can tackle those problems. The strategy you choose should reflect both the specific needs of the business and sound management principles. Armed with this information, you can then go about and change your business’s productivity.

Motivate Your Employees

To change your business’s productivity, one of the most important things you can do is to motivate your employees. One way you can do that is to offer perks. It can be as simple as subsidized gym membership payment or allowing them to have time on social media to take a mental break if they need it. You can also motivate them by setting smaller weekly goals. For example, if it feels too intimidating to sell 200 boxes of your new product in a month, set a smaller goal of 40 boxes a week. Achieving goals helps your employees feel like they’ve accomplished something, and if your employees can accomplish something small, they can work up to accomplish something bigger. If they feel invested in the business, then they will perform better and your business’s productivity will increase. As a business owner, it is important for you to help your employees feel motivated and valued in your company.

Improve Company Culture

Another thing you can do to improve your business’s productivity is improve the company culture. The culture of the company is incredibly critical because it is the environment in which you and your employees work. If the culture isn’t satisfactory, chances are that your productivity isn’t very high either. In order to improve the company’s culture, focus on the goals and values of your company. Talk to your employees and create an environment where they feel happy to come to work. Create an atmosphere of trust, where they can come and talk to you without fear of repercussions. Allow time for bonding activities where your employees can get to know one another better. Improving company culture is important because it allows your employees to feel like work is a safe place and they are valued there, so they will continue to come and continue to work their best.

Outsource What You Don’t Know

Another thing that you can do for your business is outsource what you don’t know. As a business start-up, you’re not expected to know everything, and it can be overwhelming to try and figure everything out. Thankfully, you don’t have to know everything. You can outsource HR, or IT services, or other services that you can’t do yourself. Outsourcing IT services provides benefits for companies that want to spend more time on what they know. Being able to prioritize is a large part of being able to keep your company productive.

Time Management

Another thing that you can do is to manage your time effectively and help your team manage their time effectively. Extra time spent on projects costs money, and so time and money are the lifeblood of any business. Prioritize what is most important and clearly communicate those priorities to your team. Procrastination is the enemy of productivity, which is why it is crucial to prioritize the most important things your team needs to get accomplished. Due to the limited hours there are in a day, it is utterly important for your business’s productivity to manage your time effectively.


Another important thing for you to do is to delegate. As a business owner, you may think that you are expected to do everything, but your to-do list is the biggest out of anyone’s in the company. Delegating also allows your team to be more invested in the activities of your business because they get to help with priority things that need doing. When people are invested, their performance will increase. Delegation will not only help you out, it will help improve your business’s productivity.

Clear Communication

Another critically important thing for your business is to establish clear communication. Communication between you and your employees is important for your business to improve its productivity. If your employees don’t know what to expect, then they won’t accomplish the things you need them to for your business. As part of improving the company culture, make sure to be honest with your communication to your employees.

Measure Productivity

And finally, to increase your business’s productivity, it is important to measure your business’s productivity. In order to continue to improve, it is important to measure where productivity is at now. This could be done by calculating the output of your employees over a given amount of time. Keeping track of your business’s productivity allows you to be able to know what you can do or continue to do to keep moving forward.

Your business may seem like it’s struggling in the moment, but you can overcome those struggles and be better for them. As you and your team work together, your business will succeed.

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