July 17, 2024

We are launching www.ConsciousLivingSpace.com!


Thank you for joining the pre-launch of Conscious Living Space. We are in our pilot stage and look forward to your feedback.

It is amazing how the universe works. We negotiated an agreement to build and launch the CLP Conscious Living Space in November. Just before we pulled the trigger with another software, a techie angel (Jeff) with igoodness.org came to a Conscious Living Partnership corporate presentation. Jeff started telling us about the the magic and ease of this SITE. So here we are on-line together, bringing consciousness to individuals, communities and the world. We are doing our official launch in March 2008.

What do you want to create here?

What is your expertise that you can share with others and position yourself ground floor with this site?

I would like to create the largest resource for natural health success stories. I plan to start that forum after this year’s Expo of Heart. So be thinking about your testimonials that will inspire others.

Thanks for your support in creating a global conscious community.


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