July 14, 2024

What to Think About When Pursuing a New Marketing Strategy


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Marketing your business is an essential part of finding new customers and bringing your loyal visitors back into the business. When you notice your marketing isn’t working as effectively anymore, you can make changes to your strategy that help you to find success. 

But before you decide to do that, there are a few things you need to consider.

Brand Reputation

Your marketing should be designed to make sure that your brand reputation is in good shape. A change to your marketing strategy can be used to help repair a damaged reputation or to build your reputation into something even greater. When you are using marketing to manage your reputation, you have to think about your brand values. 

You should consider how they align with the values of your employees and your customers. Together, you can use marketing to highlight the benefits if your business and forge connections with your audience.

Customer Retention

The strategy you use to manage your marketing should also be designed to help you keep the customers you already have. This means that you don’t want to use a marketing strategy that is so different from what you’ve done before that you might alienate your old customers. And, you should have good customer service in place to help your customers as you transition and grow. 

Multiple customer service options can help improve retention. Keep your customers in mind whenever you make a change to your business.

Remember Your Goals

If you decide to make a change to your marketing strategy, you should make sure that your goals align with the probable benefits of your new strategy. This means that you need to establish your goals before you start thinking about your strategy. And, you should make sure that all of your goals are measurable and achievable. When you make strides to improve the way you market your business to others, it can help you to grow your business and achieve any goals you have along the way. Talk to your network about those goals, so you can work together to achieve them.

Marketing is an important part of ensuring that you meet the needs of your business. Sometimes you may decide to change your marketing strategy because it is in the best interests of your business venture. It can be scary to make a big chance, but in the end, the results will pay off and help you to succeed.

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How to Boost Your Brand’s PR Early On


You might think that PR is just for businesses who have messed up and have to fix their reputation with the public. That isn’t the case though. Public relations can do really good things for all businesses, especially early on. You don’t have to wait for PR opportunities. You can take action now to create them yourself.

Build Media Attention

Media attention can be a great way to get your business in front of a huge audience very efficiently. It probably won’t come to you at the beginning. You’ll need to be proactive in seeking out opportunities to get media attention. Consider reaching out to your local news outlet. They may be willing to run an informational on your business. Local newspapers and radio stations are also worth reaching out to. You can also include social media into pr strategies to further build your brand’s image.

Hold an Event

Holding an event as a business gives you an avenue to introduce your business and what it’s all about to everyone. You’ll have a chance to simultaneously market your business and build relationships with attendees. 84 percent of business leaders believe their brand’s success is due to event marketing. Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase the value of what your business offers. Remember to frame it in terms of the problem it solves, rather than just the product or service, in order to resonate with your audience better.

Volunteer In Your Community

Few things build goodwill and positive relationships like giving back. Volunteering in your community as a business puts you in a position to showcase your business in a positive light. Those you help will be more kindly disposed towards your business and feel good about referring others to you. Find volunteer opportunities that line up well with your company values and your brand. Volunteering helps you build a good reputation and increases your visibility within the community. If you really want to capitalize on the visibility aspect, have those volunteering wear shirts and gear with your logo visibly displayed on it.

Making PR work for you is a really good way to boost your business, especially at the beginning. Building media attention, holding an event, and volunteering in your community all get your business in front of potential customers. They can also help you foster positive relationships with the public. Take action now to take advantage of the boost PR can provide to your business.

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3 Marketing Strategies That Are Easily Trackable


Establishing a good marketing strategy is essential to running a successful business. A good marketing strategy will provide you with the right data to help you better understand your overall revenue as well as the type of clientele that is actually responding to your marketing strategy. To obtain this information, you will need trackable marketing strategies. But how do you achieve this? Take a look at our top three recommendations to find out.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the few proven strategies used by both small and large businesses to acquire customers. A well-crafted email marketing strategy can provide you with valuable data that can result in repeat customers. However, common mistakes such as buying an email list or simply making it very generic and forgetful can cost your company valuable time and money. One of the best ways to utilize email marketing is to test various sales pitches and visuals with your customers. You’ll also want to make sure you personalize your emails. You can do this by adding the person’s name as well as delivering your email within their time zone to increase the chance of it being opened.

Direct Mail Marketing

Who says physical mail marketing is dead? Direct mail marketing can be a very effective way to obtain new customers; you just need the right tools to take advantage of it. This means sending out a few hundred flyers to test out the effectiveness of your approach. Another thing to keep in mind is the length of your message, people are not looking through their junk mail, and when they do they read them, you want your message to be quick and effective. Outline any deals or discounts in a simple to understand format. Don’t forget to proofread before sending out hundreds or thousands of letters. Not only will this look unprofessional, but they will most likely never take a second look at your advertising again. In addition, don’t mail to everyone and anyone. You know who your potential customers are, so begin with them first. Roughly 5% of mail is undeliverable, so it might be helpful to utilize address verification to ensure that your mail is arriving where you want it to.

Direct Response Marketing

When people hear about direct response marketing, they often think of an email. Although that has been the traditional way to do it, technology has allowed us to do it in more modern ways For example, one method of direct response marketing you might see today is an e-commerce ad on Facebook or Instagram. With direct response marketing you can not only target your preferred audience, but once people start interacting with your ad, you can accumulate data. This data can then be utilized to track which of your customers are most likely to interact with your company.

Tracking the effectiveness of your marketing strategy is one of the most crucial things you can do to ensure the survival of your company. Therefore, it is vital that you understand not only the various mediums available to you but also how they can be utilized to provide you with the most effective results.


How Managers Can Build a Team By Taking a Walk


In recent decades, technology has provided us with the necessary tools to do practically all of our work from our desk. Gone are the days of having to track down your co-workers or boss to get their input. We have become much more sedentary as a society. This has caused a decrease in the average worker’s health, which can also affect productivity. As a leader, your role in the workplace is not only to supervise but encourage the most healthy, hard-working and effective team possible.

Clear Your Head

If you look at an average American workplace, it may seem relaxed. However, looks can be deceiving, as those who have worked in an office can attest. The constant back and forth emails, deadlines and the ever-glowing light of our computers can be stressful. For a different kind of break, managers can gather their teams once or twice a day and take a walk with them. This will allow them to build face-to-face relationships with managers and co-workers. In addition, walking will provide them the opportunity to clear their minds from the everyday stresses of the workplace. 

See Things from an Employee’s Perspective

Many times, solutions can only be discovered when different perspectives come together. A manager who constantly sits behind a desk attempting to solve all the company’s issues will probably not get too far. Gemba can help managers to solve any issues on hand and also boost morale around the office. Gemba walks are designed to take a manager around the workplace for the purpose of observing employees and their work, learning more about how things work at their level, and developing respect for them and what they do.

Create Healthy Competition

Friendly competition between employees can be a good thing. Competition boosts productivity and gives people something to work towards in an otherwise mundane workplace. Creating a challenge that encourages employees to see who can get the most steps per day is a great place to start. This will not only create a morale boost, but employees will also begin to become healthier throughout the weeks.

There is no doubt that focusing on team building can increase the morale of your employees. However, if you choose to implement this into your workplace, always make sure to think about how everyone can be included in the program. This will allow for greater discussions and a more inclusive, friendly workplace.

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What are the Secrets to Throwing a Successful Seminar?


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Nowadays, there are seminars on all types of subjects. The purpose of these seminars is to provide quick access to information in a short amount of time. People visit seminars with certain expectations, so it is essential to make it as successful as possible. A significant key to a promising seminar is good leadership and teamwork. Here are other vital secrets to throwing a successful seminar:

Devise a Specific Theme

You will want to select a theme that correlates with the primary objectives of the seminar. The primary theme for any seminar should be to train and teach on a specific subject.

Showcase Leadership Qualities

Effective leadership skills will allow you to take charge of the flow of the seminar. Leaders stay organized, and they work to get the job done. These skills are critical to the success of the seminar. Those who attend and those who work under you will recognize that you are confident, in control, and you know what you are doing, and they will respect you for that.

Identify Keynote Speakers

The speakers that you select should have relevant knowledge on your specific seminar topic. The speaker should be reputable and charismatic. They should also be able to entertain while providing specific information to seminar attendees. Speakers could also be experts in their fields. Some great ways to find speakers are looking on LinkedIn, checking out other seminars and seeing who spoke at those, issuing a call for proposals, and using industry publications. Be sure that speakers have the right accommodations as well. Speakers will need to be able to park as close to the venue as possible. It is also a good idea to provide speakers with information for alternate modes of transportation to ensure they will arrive in a timely fashion.

Plan to Succeed

In order to plan to succeed, you must prepare. Research trends in the area you expect to host your seminar. You must also envision a successful end result for your plan. Plan a specific date, time and place for your seminar to be a success. Notate the specific tasks that you will need to accomplish. Assign a task for every detail to prevent mishaps and mistakes. Consider each and every small issue that could arise in advance.

Choose a Central Location

The location of the seminar is the ultimate predictor of the success of the event. It is best to choose a location that is easily accessible and offers free or low-cost parking. The location should also be functional. Attendees should have enough space to mingle and interact with one another. It is important for the seminar site to be in close proximity to an airport for attendees who aren’t local. This will attract more attendees for even greater success.

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