July 17, 2024

How to Shield Your Business From Common Cyber Attacks


In any modern business, it’s essential that you protect your data. Without the proper precautions, your data can be lost, stolen, or corrupted through cyber attacks. 

Fortunately, there are easy ways you can keep both your data and the data of your clients safe. 

Use Secure Networks 

Whenever you’re working online or in the cloud, you need to be using a secure network connection. When working on an unsecured network, it’s easier for hackers to track your activities or gain access to your information. If you have a physical working space, make sure your network is password protected and only you and your employees have access to it. 

If you have employees working remotely, make it a requirement for them to always work on a secure network connection. Something as simple as using a secure network can make a world of difference. 

Train Your Employees 

To protect your business, you need to make sure you and your employees are following the best cybersecurity practices. Nearly 70% of insider cyber threats are caused by employees. If you don’t provide any training, your data and other information could be put at risk due to the actions of your own employees. 

Make sure your employees use strong passwords and change them regularly. Have them install antivirus software. Teach them safe practices when they are online. For example, you should make sure everyone knows how to spot and avoid scams so they don’t accidentally corrupt any information. 

Regularly Update Software 

Having antivirus software installed on your devices is an important first step when it comes to preventing cyber attacks. However, this software only works if you update it regularly. Updates in the software can ensure your current software is performing properly and help you protect against new attacks. Hackers are constantly using new techniques to access and corrupt data and antivirus software must constantly be evolving in order to stop these new attacks. Most antivirus software will come with regular reminders for when you should update. Don’t ignore these reminders. Make sure you and all your employees are keeping up with the new software and updating often. 

Cyber attacks can have drastic consequences and threaten the security of your business. It’s your responsibility to put best practices in place so you can protect your business and all of your information. Begin taking measures today to shield your business from cyber-attacks. 

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