July 14, 2024

A Mother’s Journey


Earlier this year, my mother had a surgery to remove a pain pump that had malfunctioned early. I am blessed to have the opportunity to go spend a week with her. What a difficult road to watch someone you love be in continual pain.  This experience brought many valuable lessons along the way. My intention for writing this is to share the process of learning to love and let go at a deeper level.

Being a natural health advocate for almost 18 years I have been blessed to work with some of the top MD’s and healers on the planet. I have seen many modalities heal a number of ailments that doctors or mainstream medicine say “this is the way it is” or “there is nothing you can do about it”.

My first big lesson, even today is to “let go and let God”. It is so hard to know what I know and watch people I love make choices that will not always get the results they want. My mom a number of years ago started having major back pain and at the time I was dating a chiropractor. A number of times we drove hours for him to work on her. She raved about how it was helping and how good she would feel afterwards….but the doctor said she needed to have  a surgery because of this his myriad of reasons.  In my experience, the spine is like our teeth, it needs continual care and love so that it will work in proper order.  It connects to EVERYTHING in our body. Our nerves and organs are affected by our spine being in proper place or being subluxated. My mom ended up having 2 back surgeries; each one (in my opinion) has left her worse and in more pain. Then over 5 years ago they put a pain pump into her stomach that administers her medication. Technology is fascinating!!!

As challenging as it is….I have to drop into my heart to alleviate judgement for our medical system and havecompassion for her pain and her deep desire to heal.   I know that watching my Mothers Journey, has given me a greater level of desire to help educate our world on the alternatives to western medicine, while at the same time an appreciation for the level of technology that we have attained in medicine.  I mean who would have thought that one day, we would be able to remotely monitor a pain pump placed inside a person.  What a Journey!!!


Many prayers for my mother, as her back continues to be a challenge!!